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If you'd like to subscribe to (or renew your subscription), we offer two methods of payment. The easiest and most immediate way is by our secure credit card billing system. The second is by personal check, which is slower and less convenient.

The annual cost for four quarterly electronic issues (and unlimited access to the database for the term of receipt of four quarterly issues) is $145. A two-year subscription is $260, offering a discount; and an additional discount is available for a three-year term at $375. Two and three-year subscriptions include the complimentary electronic Travel Guide.

Postal Upgrade: For those who prefer to also receive a professionally printed version of each issue, there is an additional cost over the online subscription price to cover the costs of printing, binding and postage. For US subscribers issues are mailed Media Rate and can take anywhere from 3-5 weeks to arrive. For International subscribers issues are mailed Global Priority mail. This option still includes the benefits of immediate online access via personal password so that you can access the journal while waiting for your printed issue to arrive. We strongly encourage subscribers to select the electronic online access as you will have access to the issue the day it is released, and, if having a printed issue is important, can transfer it to a flash drive and have it professionally printed at a local photocopy store without paying for postage and handling. Again, with the high costs of postage (particularly for international mail) and printing, we have added nothing for handling but are passing on our direct postal and printing/binding costs.

Once You Have Subscribed - What Next? Once your online order has been submitted and approved, our system will immediately send you an automated email response - which often goes into a subscriber's spam folder. New subscribers, or renewals from a new e-mail address, will receive instructions in the automated email with a link to select a personal password. The email address you used to subscribe will be your user name, and once you select a password, you can log in to the Burghound Journals/Issues Section and/or Database. This will give you online access to download the current issue and the complimentary back issue, and unlimited use of the Burghound Database for the term covering the receipt of four quarterly issues per year's subscription. After downloading an issue, you can read the material on-line (with handy bookmarks) or print it out on your personal printer. Or, as mentioned above, you may choose to download the issue onto a flash drive and have it printed at a local photocopy store. For those interested in ordering copies of back Issues of Burghound , please see the Purchase a Single Copy information below.

A Word on Timing: Please note we are a quarterly journal and for each year's subscription you are entitled to 4 issues which are released approximately mid-January, mid-April, mid-June and mid-October - dates are subject to change without notice. For first time subscribers, if you subscribe late in a quarter, you will still get all four issues, as well as the complimentary back issue, but note that the database access is timed to the term receipt of four quarterly issues. So if you subscribe on February 15, you will have approximately 11 months of database access - for your first year only. As soon as you renew on a timely basis, you will be set to a full year of access. With a quarterly publication it's impossible to have everyone's subscription expired exactly 12 months after their initial subscription date. Since we are aware that some people subscribe mid-way in a quarter, we make up for that by providing a 5th issue at no charge. If you have any questions on anything, please write Erica Meadows at

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? As soon as you hit "submit", assuming credit card approval, our system will IMMEDIATELY send you a detailed e-receipt and an automated email containing a link to select your personal password. (A declined order is usually due to using an invalid credit card, a typo while inputting the number or expiration date, or a fraud prevention placed on a card, in which case you need to contact your credit card company.) To reiterate, new subscribers and those renewing from a new email address will receive an AUTOMATED email with instructions and a link you may use to select a personal password and log in to the Burghound Members' areas. Often this automated email reply containing your password information is diverted by a "spam filtering" system, so we strongly recommend that you keep a close eye on your email, including "junk" folders, after placing your subscription order. Also, take care to enter your email address correctly. Even a minor typo may make it impossible for us to contact you.

COPYRIGHT AND USAGE: Copyright © 2000-2024 by All rights are reserved. No reproduction, redistribution, redisplay, retransmission, sharing of subscriptions or commercial exploitation of content, including the database, is permitted except upon the express written consent of No integration or access to content using computer integration (Web Crawlers, Spiders, Robots, etc.) designed to automatically integrate/download the information in the database is permitted.

Subscriptions are conditioned on your compliance with the following terms: Subscriptions are only for the individual subscriber and user names/passwords are not to be shared. The subscription must be in the sole user's name/email and no generic emails, such as info@, sales@, contact@ or companyname@ are permitted. Discounted corporate accounts are available for firms requiring multi-users. Active subscribers in the news media and wine trade may use limited wine reviews provided that is properly credited ("" or "Allen Meadows'"). Retailers are responsible for ensuring the quoted information is correct and as printed in Reproduction of vintage reports, narratives and progress reports is expressly forbidden. "Limited wine reviews" is defined as the reproduction of's entire review and score, and is anticipated to be under 100 reviews at any one time by a retailer or individual in the wine trade. Licensing fees are due should an entity use in excess of 100 wines at any given time, as determined and agreed between the parties.

Violation of any of these conditions, as determined by, shall result in immediate termination of the subscription without any refund of the subscription fee. All who infringe, including non-subscribers, will be pursued using all legal remedies.

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Postal subscribers receive online access to the database and electronic issues for no additional charge, so it is not necessary to subscribe in both formats.

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